Monacor SPH-170





    Speakers of very high quality with extensive equipment, round aluminium diecast basket with recessed screw head holes, inverse rubber surround, drilled pole core, excellent cone dampening, exceptionally deep bass reproduction for any bass and bass-midrange application.


    Цена: 80.- лева

Hi Vi F6
  • F6 


    Bass - Midrange



    Hi-Vi enjoys high prestige low-midrange loudspeaker unit of the world! The Swans M1.2 sound box that adopts the F6 is being subjected to numerous good opinions at home and abroad.
    Цена: 98.- лева

Hi Vi D6.8





    The Euro-American nation develops in the loudspeaker up has been be placed in a leading position. 10 years ago, Hi-Vi engineers hope to look for a break, which will make Chinese people also can design a new generation loudspeaker with high index and performance by ourselves. At that time our springboard is to design a small caliber loudspeaker, using a small box can produce a very grand low-midrange sound field. Its voice should be neutral and nobler, it also should be a modern art article. Now this D series loudspeaker basically achieve our original conceive, the D series loudspeaker adopted the latest design in a series of world new concept.


    Цена: 195.- лева