• 24K gold plated RCA plug with pearl white color metal housing.


    RP-180GT-8 - 8 mm Ø кабел


    Цена 8.70 лв

  • Single 24K golg plated RCA Jaket. RJ-133GT


    Цена 6.60 лв


  • Single, silver plated RCA jack RJ-133ST


    Цена 8.40 лв

  • Elecaudio TE-RC9W Tellurium Copper RCA PTFE (Pair) Ø8.5mm

    First born of a range of products based on Copper Tellurium (Tellurium Copper), these RCA connectors have been designed to deliver unmatched conductivity.


    For comparison the majority of contacts connectors in the market are based on the brass or bronze having a conductivity index (IACS) 56% against the 98/99% for Te Cu.


    Цена: 69.-лв комплект


  • ELECAUDIO TE-ER6B DG RCA Inlet Tellurium Copper (Pair)

    This RCA Inlet TE-ER6B by Elecaudio, offers, when compared with almost every other brand in the market, even the high end brands, a really important conductivity.


    Цена: 79,-лв комплект

  • Single, rhodium plated RCA jack. RJ-133RT


    Цена 7,80 лв

  • Single, golg plated RCA jack. RJ-135GT


    Цена 7.- лв

  • Single, golg plated RCA jacj, front-side fixing nut. RJ-140GT


    Цена 9.00 лв


    24K gold plated short and small RCA plug with aluminium housing, black or red color coded ring


        RP-91G3  -  3 mm Ø cable

        RP-91G4  -  4 mm Ø cable

        RP-91G5  -  5 mm Ø cable

        RP-91G6  -  6 mm Ø cable


    Small sized and space-saving model.


    Цена 5.40лв

  • Gold plated RCA plug with zinc dioxide alloy body, color code ring, teflon insulation, slanted head


        RP-94G6  -  6мм Ø за кабел

        RP-94G7  -  7мм Ø за кабел

        RP-94G8  -  8мм Ø за кабел


    Цена 7.00лв

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