• Get the party started! BARSET is a winning combination of sound, performance and reliability. This set brings grooves to every bar or venues where you want to play music at ambiance, party, or dance level. Six MASK6T speakers deliver crystal clear high and mid tones, while two SUB2201 subwoofers take care of powerful bass reproduction. The versatile CHAMP-3D amplifier has a built-in DSP with 3 operation levels. Thanks to its unique ‘no-fan’ design, it is insensitive to dust, grease or nicotine.

  • FEEL the vibes! The legendary APart PUBSET is now powered by the digital CHAMP3-D amplifier. The unit has a DSP and because of the fanless convection cooling it is insensitive to dust, grease or nicotine. The unequalled MASK8 speakers bring crystal clear high and mid tones, the powerful kick basses make you stop in your tracks and wonder...



    If you’re looking for a sound system to take care of rich background music in lounge bars, restaurants,.. with just that little bit of extra headroom for the occasional party, LOUNGESET is the right choice for you.
    Six MASK4T cabinet speakers take care of an optimum sound dispersion and a powerful SUB2201 adds that extra bass punch. The versatile convection cooled CHAMP3D amplifier is completely lockable, and absolutely silent.


  • SWINGSET is the perfect fit for venues where music is the key element, from ambiance to dance level. This combination is designed for situations where you want powerful music without having to place subwoofer cabinets. It’s ideal for music bars, sport bars, dancefloor areas, gaming arcades, trendy fashion stores…

  • MEETINGSET is the set of choice for use in meeting rooms, board rooms, small places of worship,… and all other small to medium sized venues where you need a professional audio system for audio playback and crystal clear voice reproduction.
    The MASK6 speakers bring unequalled sound quality, while CONCEPT1 is an integrated amplifier with full professional features like lockable user and installer settings, RS232 control and a MIC input that can be mixed with line inputs.


  • This set is the ideal ceiling speaker and amplifier solution for background music in small retail, professional or residential environments.
    SHOPSET’s CM4 build-in speakers fit discretely in every interior and design style. The CONCEPT1 amplifier has all the professional features like lockable user and installer settings, RS-232 or paging possibilities.