• Banana plug - gold plated, PVC body BP-213G


    Цена 3.20 лв

  •  Specially designed Banana plug with unique sidealigned spring contact to the main central  banana pin for best contact pressure and low signal loss - all in 24K gold plated finish. Under the colour coding plastic shell the connected speaker cable can be soldered and/or screw terminated. For speaker cables with a cross-selection of up to 4 mm2.


    Цена: 4.2-лв

  • Banana plug - gold plated, plastic body BP-238G


    Цена 5.00 лв

  • ELECAUDIO BP-206 Gold Plated Binding Posts (Pair)

    Binding Posts with acrylic insulation, whose contacts are fully plated with 24k Gold.

    Accept large diameter cables via a completely isolated coulter system and banana plugs.


    ЦЕНА: 31.-лв комплект


FT-807 (R)
  • FT-807(R)
    Fully Insulated Binding Posts



    • Main conductor: Rhodium plated α (Alpha) Pure copper conductor
    • Housing: Matte black finished nylon and fiberglass with piezo ceramic resin.
    • Nylon (red/black) and Polycarbonate (Transparent hue) fully insulated
    • Connections: Soldered or screw termination
    • Specified for core diameters up to 4.5mm

    Dimensions: Housing: 20.4 X 18.0ψ x 28.0mm (H) overall height
    Insulation: Polycarbonate (Transparent black ) 20.0ψ± 0.2mm x 15.6mm(H),
    Total overall length: 62.76 mm approx.


    ЦЕНА: 163-лв комплект

  • Fork connector, gold plated CF-1423G


    Цена 2.30 лв.

  • Fork connector, silver plated BP-013S


    Цена 10.- лв

  • 24K gold plated spade plug for cables up to 6 mm2 with color coded black metal housing. Screw type version.


    ЦЕНА: 10лв

  • 24K gold plated metal banana plug BP-210G


    Цена  7.-  лв

  • Silver plated „Hollow Pin” Banana plug from Berrylium copper BP-026S


    Цена  8.-  лв.

    Нова промо цена: 6.50 -лв

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