• KaCsa / Neotech


    24K gold plated RCA female plug with satinated metal housing, color coded ring for 6 mm cable.


    Price: 4.39EUR

  • KaCsa / Neotech


    RP-91GT-4    for 4mm cable

    RP-91GT-6    for 6mm cable


    24K gold plated short and small RCA plug with aluminium housing, black or red color coded ring for 4 and 6 mm cable. Small sized and space-saving model.


    Price: 3.37 EUR

  • KaCsa / Neotech


    24K gold plated RCA plug with pearl white color metal housing, Teflon insulation with red or black color coded ring for 8 mm cable. (We suggest these connectors for the digital cable KCS-100 and the audio interconnect cable KCS-200.


    Price: 4.98 EUR

  • KaCsa / Neotech


    High-End 24K gold plated locking type RCA plug with pearl white color metal body in a sophisticated design, with split central pin with red and black color coded ring, Teflon insulation, for 10 mm cable.


    Price: 8.85 EUR

  • KaCsa / Neotech


    Professional, 24K hard gold plated, Teflon insulated, locking type RCA plug with matted grey metal housing, red and black color coded ring for up to 9 mm cable.


    Price: 12.07 EUR



  • KaCsa / Neotech



    Professional, rhodium-plated "screw-type" RCA plug with half-cut central pin. Complete contact surface, red and blue colour coding ring. Both hot and cold contact can be attached by srewing. Recommended for cables up to 9 mm diameter.


    RP-190GT     12.83 EUR

    RP-190ST     12.83 EUR

    RP-190RT     13.79 EUR


  • KaCsa / Neotech


    High end RCA plug for cables. Berillium-copper conductors with little metal amount, direct plated surfaces. This carefully crafted connector is housed in a ligh aluminium body.


    Price: RP-201G     11.11 EUR

             RP-201R     15.16 EUR

  • KaCsa / Neotech


    Rhodium Plated High-End RCA plug, in fine finish cylindrical metal body, with Teflon insulation and carbon insert, with split central pin, red and black color coded ring, for cable 10 mm for soldering assembly.


    Price: 14.94 EUR

  • Furutech


    Furutech High Performance Audio RCA Connectors made of α (Alpha) Eutectic cast copper, with alloycenter pin, 24 K Gold plated.


    Price: 9.59 EUR

  • Furutech


    α (Alpha) OCC Conductor center pin 24 K Gold or rodium plated. Copper alloy body with Teflon insulation. Connections: Soldered. Specified for cable diameters up to 7.3mm.The price is single price


    FP-126G    15.90 EUR

    FP-126R    20.83 EUR


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