• KaCsa Neotech


    Banana plug - gold plated, PVC body BP-213G


    Price: 2.15 EUR

  • KaCsa Neotech


    Hollow Pink Banana plug from Berrylium copper. Can be used as a male banana plug or as a female banana jack, speaker cable connection by soldering.


    BP-303                         0.61 EUR  

    BP-303G  gold plated     1.26 EUR

    BP 303S  silver plated    1.68 EUR



  • KaCsa Neotech


    24K gold plated banana plug with red or black hard plastic body, for up to 2,5 mm speaker cable, which can be 2 screw terminated.


    Price: 2.95 EUR

  •  KaCsa Neotech


    Specially designed Banana plug with unique sidealigned spring contact to the main central  banana pin for best contact pressure and low signal loss - all in 24K gold plated finish. Under the colour coding plastic shell the connected speaker cable can be soldered and/or screw terminated. For speaker cables with a cross-selection of up to 4 mm2.


    Price: 3.06 EUR

  • KaCsa Neotech


    Silver or gold plated professional banana plug with black metal barrel, with double screw-type fixing for up to 4 mm2 speaker cable or soldering in the provided soldering gap. Turning the barrel will move an internal pin forward and widen up the plug, fixing it securely in the jack


    BP-238G    3.33 EUR

    BP-238S    3.18 EUR

  • KaCsa Neotech



    Solder-type 24K gold plated banana plug with red or black soft PVC boot, for up to 2,5 mm2 cable


    Price: 1.35 EUR

FT-807 (R)
  • Furutech


    Fully Insulated Binding Posts



    • Main conductor: Rhodium or Gold plated α (Alpha) Pure copper conductor
    • Housing: Matte black finished nylon and fiberglass with piezo ceramic resin.
    • Nylon (red/black) and Polycarbonate (Transparent hue) fully insulated
    • Connections: Soldered or screw termination
    • Specified for core diameters up to 4.5mm

    Dimensions: Housing: 20.4 X 18.0ψ x 28.0mm (H) overall height
    Insulation: Polycarbonate (Transparent black ) 20.0ψ± 0.2mm x 15.6mm(H),
    Total overall length: 62.76 mm approx.


    FT-807R   -   € 107,-    2pcs.

    FT-807G   -   €   99,-    2pcs.

  • Neotech / KaCsa


    Solder-type gold plated fork in 15º angled version with red or black soft PVC boot for polarity identification, for up to 4 mm² cable. The inner opening is 8 mm. CF-1423G


    Price 1.16 EUR



    High quality speaker spade, 6 mm cable input overall diameter (one piece)

    Rhodium or Gold Plated


    FP-201G   -   € 19.18

    FP-201R   -   € 23.03

  • Neotech / KaCsa


    24K silver plated spade plug for cables up to 6 mm2 with color coded black metal housing. Screw type version.


    Price: € 6.32

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