EOS electronics is a small  company based in Bulgaria, home of the mythical Orpheus. Our team consists of people who share a common religion – a deep interest in reproducing precise and crystal-clear sound. Our belief is expressed not only as a desire to go deeper and deeper into this specific sphere of sensitivity, but also as a commitment to innovation, creation and optimization of the ways to obtain a natural sound, combining cutting edge technologies with many centuries of experience of sound processing through using natural and artificial materials, crafted by man as he has evolved. Complete dedication to a cause always brings its own rewards.

The devices offered by us reproduce the unique atmosphere of a piece of music in the most realistic way. We have invested our extensive experience in professional audio development, in-depth knowledge of the specifics of different sound materials and the most advanced technologies into our products. During the whole process, from design to final assembly and testing, we maintain control of the quality and specifications of each component. In particular, we pay considerable attention to the acoustic qualities of all elements and materials used in our products. And although we use the most modern and innovative technologies in the development and manufacture of our products, we are not afraid to enter unknown and unexplored territory in order to succeed.